How to use Honor Band 5 as a camera remote for your phone

Hello, Huawei Honor Band 5 users! We’re back with another tutorial which guides you to take photos on your phone using the Honor Band 5 camera control function.

Honor Band 5 is the successor of Honor Band 4 with improvements over design and features. Remove Camera function is one of the new features that the users will surely appreciate. Most of the users have no idea about this feature. So, here we’ll help you to use your Honor Band 5 bracelet to control the camera on your phone.

Before we start the tutorial, make sure the Huawei Health App is installed on your device and a connection is established between the Honor band and Android/iOS phone via the Bluetooth connectivity.

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How to take photos on your phone camera using the Honor Band 5

1. Launch the default camera app on your phone.

2. When the camera interface is turned on, the band dial interface is also converted to a camera icon.

3. Now, when you tap on the camera icon on Honor Band, it automatically takes pictures on your smartphone.

4. Enjoy!

Note: The Honor Band 5 camera remote function only works with stock/default camera. Any third-party camera apps on the Play Store doesn’t support this function.


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