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How to Update Huawei / Honor devices using HiCare App

Huawei has launched a new app called HiCare which provides professional customer assistance for Huawei and Honor smartphones. HiCare provides you with common online services including customer services, issue feedback, user guides, service centers, and self-service. Apart from all these services, it also provides ...Read More

How to Import or Export Contacts on Huawei devices

Huawei is currently the second-largest smartphone vendor in the world. Due to the quality and performance of Huawei phones, users don’t want to migrate to other OEM smartphones. Instead, they prefer new Huawei models. Whenever one move from old Huawei phone to a newer ...Read More

How to Change Font Size in any Huawei/Honor devices

Facing difficulties while reading the onscreen text on your Huawei or Honor smartphone? If yes, then you’ll happy to hear that the company provides built-in settings to change the font size as well as display size. One can change the font size to smaller ...Read More