How to take wide aperture blur photos on Honor 6X

The Honor 6X may be cheaper in price, but the specifications & features it includes makes it more precious as these are found mostly on a flagship device. The highlights of the device is the dual-lens rear camera setup, and metal unibody design which gives a premium feel.

As we all know, Honor 6X comes with several new features and gestures. Of all those available options, Wide aperture shot is one of the best features you can enjoy on your device. Earlier to take an image with blur background was possible only with high-end DSLR camera, but thanks to technology innovations today we can take such blur images simply with a smartphone. Also how to enable fingerprint gestures on Honor 6X

Honor 6x blur photos

If you’re Honor 6X users and wanted to take blur photos, then do check the following guide.

Guide to take blur background picture on Honor 6X

Launch the Camera app on your device. From various camera modes, you need to choose a special mode named “Wide aperture” which looks like a camera shutter icon on the side option panel. Tap on it. That’s it! Now you have to take picture on your Honor 6X device. In order to get blur effects, make sure the object is within 2 meters of camera range and an open background should also be there. Now you need to go to Gallery and manually set the amount of blur received on your image.

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